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At Avatar Cremation Service & Crematory, we offer online cremation planning for your convenience. You can get a head start on the arrangement process by completing as much of the necessary details as possible in the comfort of your own home.

Download Printable Forms

The forms on this page will assist you in completing the documents necessary to arrange a direct cremation. Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding. If you have any questions about a form or how to complete a form, call us at (561) 747-9883.

Each form is provided in PDF format. For your convenience these documents are designed to allow you to fill in any required information before printing. Simply click your mouse in the form area where you wish to insert information, type the information and then print the document. You may also simply print the blank form to be filled in by hand after printing. PDF forms require Adobe® Reader® to open.

Death Certificate Information Form (PDF)
Information to Complete the Death Certificate

If you are making final arrangements through us for a death that has occurred, this worksheet contains all the information we will need to complete the death certificate. You may wish to complete this form before meeting with us as it will help expedite the arrangement process. Download PDF File

Authorization for Cremation & Disposition (PDF)
Permission & Instructions for the Cremation

Florida law requires the cremation to be authorized by the legally authorized person. We require the signature of the person or persons with the highest degree of kinship as specified by the law. We will need to obtain the signature(s) on this form before proceeding. This form must be filled out completely and signed in the presence of a Notary Public (or equivalent). It may then be faxed to us and, after faxing, the original form can be mailed to us by regular mail. Download PDF File

Identification Verification Form (PDF)
Information Used to Verify Identity

As a safeguard, it is our policy to verify the identity of the decedent prior to cremation. The preferred method of this verification is through the use of a recent photograph. This allows us to personally visually verify the identity and dispel any concerns anyone may have of the integrity of the cremation process. This photograph may be forwarded to us via email, or other means. Sorry, we cannot accept a faxed photograph for identification. Download PDF File

Newspaper Notice Information (PDF)
Worksheet for Obituary Information

We may assist you in placing requested local newspaper notices. This form will assist you with providing us the information you wish to submit for publication. This form is only a worksheet and must not be submitted directly to the newspaper. IMPORTANT: Most newspapers no longer offer free notices. You will be responsible for any charges incurred by publishing a requested notice. We will be glad to discuss this matter with you regarding our local newspapers. Download PDF File

Assignment of Authority Form (PDF)
Authorizes the Cremation and Designates Representative

In certain situations, the Legally Authorized Person may wish to appoint another person to handle final arrangements. This form allows this to be accomplished. Download PDF File

How Many Death Certificates? (PDF)
A Checklist of Where You May Need Certificates

Determining how many certified copies of the death certificate to order can be complicated as it may be different for each individual circumstance. This checklist of places where you could expect to need a certified copy may be useful in helping you determine the number of copies that is right for you. Download PDF File

Florida Law Concerning Cremation (PDF)
Current Florida Statues Relating to Cremation

Many people are unaware of the laws applying to cremation. We hope this document will help to explain some of these requirements and why there is a waiting period for cremation in Florida. This document contains excerpts from the actual Florida Statutes that apply to cremation. We would be happy to speak directly with you and explain further if necessary. Download PDF File

Veterans Application for Burial Allowance (PDF)
VA Form 21-530

This form, provided by the Veterans Administration, is necessary when applying for burial benefit reimbursement from the VA. It also includes instructions for completion. This form and other helpful information for veterans is also available on the VA website which is available from our Links page. Download PDF File

Veterans Application for Marker (PDF)
VA Form 40-1330

This form, provided by the Veterans Administration, is necessary when requesting a veteran's headstone or marker from the VA. It also includes instructions for completion. This form and other helpful information for veterans is also available on the VA website which is available from our Links page. Please be aware that this file is a little large and may take a few minutes to download. Download PDF File

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